3 Home Fitness Tips for Better Health

In the busy world of today we seem to have too much to do and too little time. This is especially true about fitting time into our schedule for a workout. Not making time is one of the reasons we have so many men and women are overweight today. We either make time today or are forced to make time in the future.

Let’s take a quick look at three ways to bring home fitness into your home for better health.

#1 Start First Thing in the Morning

I like to get going in the morning by doing some stretching. The stretching can be as basic as touching toes and twisting from side to side. Stretching your back muscles is a good way to start, but start the exercises slowly.

Yoga is another great morning home fitness routine. Yoga can be incorporated with the stretching. I like combining both stretching and yoga into my early morning home fitness routine. As with all exercises the more often you workout the more results you will notice. In other words, you cannot do yoga one day a week and decide it does not work.

The yoga workout only has to be 15 to 20 minutes to help you get going in the morning.

#2 Use Resistance Bands

Over the last 10 years resistance band exercises have grown in popularity. They are easy to use and fit perfectly into our home fitness gym. What I like about resistance bands is they come in different resistances. You can buy packs, which usually have multiple resistance bands so you can do multiple exercises.

You can develop your own home fitness program with just two or three resistance bands. You can work your arms, legs and abs very effectively with multiple bands. I initially started with a resistance band rated for 2 to 5 lbs. After about two weeks I moved up to the next level.

The obvious reason resistance bands have become so popular is the lack of space needed to store the bands. Keep them in drawer or right under a bed or couch for easy access and storage. The cost is very effective because you do not have to buy a lot to get all the different weights you need like all those dumbbells.

#3 Get Outside

Home fitness does not have to be confined to the indoors, especially during the summer. Getting outside and jogging around the neighborhood seems to feel better than running indoors on a track. I go the same distance, but I have more energy after a run outdoors.

I like to jog around my block in the morning. My path is about a half a mile, which takes me about 10 to 12 minutes to complete one time around. I do not push myself too much in my early morning runs.

If you are not much of a runner you can also walk or ride a bike. Walking is a great way to start any home fitness plan because you are developing the habit of doing a workout. In time you will develop different workouts such as riding a bike or jogging to change up your fitness program.

Creating a Home Fitness Program is Easy

Creating a home fitness program is not difficult. The most important step is to start and then to continue to do something everyday or at least every other day. As you begin developing your exercise program you will discover other ways to increase your overall health. One way is your diet may change by you avoiding fast food and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Start your own home fitness program today, not tomorrow.

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