3 Home Fitness Tips for Better Health

In the busy world of today we seem to have too much to do and too little time. This is especially true about fitting time into our schedule for a workout. Not making time is one of the reasons we have so many men and women are overweight today. We either make time today or are forced to make time in the future.

Let’s take a quick look at three ways to bring home fitness into your home for better health.

#1 Start First Thing in the Morning

I like to get going in the morning by doing some stretching. The stretching can be as basic as touching toes and twisting from side to side. Stretching your back muscles is a good way to start, but start the exercises slowly.

Yoga is another great morning home fitness routine. Yoga can be incorporated with the stretching. I like combining both stretching and yoga into my early morning home fitness routine. As with all exercises the more often you workout the more results you will notice. In other words, you cannot do yoga one day a week and decide it does not work.

The yoga workout only has to be 15 to 20 minutes to help you get going in the morning.

#2 Use Resistance Bands

Over the last 10 years resistance band exercises have grown in popularity. They are easy to use and fit perfectly into our home fitness gym. What I like about resistance bands is they come in different resistances. You can buy packs, which usually have multiple resistance bands so you can do multiple exercises.

You can develop your own home fitness program with just two or three resistance bands. You can work your arms, legs and abs very effectively with multiple bands. I initially started with a resistance band rated for 2 to 5 lbs. After about two weeks I moved up to the next level.

The obvious reason resistance bands have become so popular is the lack of space needed to store the bands. Keep them in drawer or right under a bed or couch for easy access and storage. The cost is very effective because you do not have to buy a lot to get all the different weights you need like all those dumbbells.

#3 Get Outside

Home fitness does not have to be confined to the indoors, especially during the summer. Getting outside and jogging around the neighborhood seems to feel better than running indoors on a track. I go the same distance, but I have more energy after a run outdoors.

I like to jog around my block in the morning. My path is about a half a mile, which takes me about 10 to 12 minutes to complete one time around. I do not push myself too much in my early morning runs.

If you are not much of a runner you can also walk or ride a bike. Walking is a great way to start any home fitness plan because you are developing the habit of doing a workout. In time you will develop different workouts such as riding a bike or jogging to change up your fitness program.

Creating a Home Fitness Program is Easy

Creating a home fitness program is not difficult. The most important step is to start and then to continue to do something everyday or at least every other day. As you begin developing your exercise program you will discover other ways to increase your overall health. One way is your diet may change by you avoiding fast food and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Start your own home fitness program today, not tomorrow.

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Free Effective Online Marketing Tips You Can Use

If you have an online business and you are on a tight budget, here are some free online marketing tips you may want to use that will not break the bank. In fact, these tips can be implemented completely free and drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website.

The first key to online success is marketing and getting traffic, one method used by many online marketers is article marketing. This method of generating leads is used to give potential customers a bit of useful information in the hopes that they will click your link and try your product.

The information can be related to anything about your product or service that customers would find useful in their everyday lives. You can write these articles and submit them to directories where they will provide back links to your website. This will help to begin generating traffic, and depending on your article quality; you may get ranked high in the search engines as well.

Search engine traffic is probably one of the most powerful sources of generating traffic and you will want to rank high in them, preferably somewhere on the first page, if not the first position on the page. Article marketing when done properly, can give you such a ranking.

Another of the free online marketing tips is using outside sources to generate traffic. This can be simply displaying your ad with website address on your vehicle in a prominent location so that when you drive around town people will take notice and perhaps visit the website.

There are many methods of getting visitors to your site and if you brainstorm either by yourself or with your employees, you can think of many ways besides those listed that can get you the traffic you need to generate some sales. There are also those who teach marketing methods to beginners and seasoned professionals alike and you may want to think about taking a course in Internet marketing if you are new to the arena so that you will reduce your learning curve and begin to generate a profit in a short amount of time.

When it comes to free online marketing tips, there are many creative avenues one can take that will enhance their business and marketing sense. The Internet is jammed pack with free sources that will get you traffic such as social bookmarking and social networking as well. Use these sources to make sales and profit without going broke. The Internet is all about information and if you get the right information in the hands of the right people, it can be a win win situation for the both of you.

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Top SEO Tips For Your YouTube Videos

In this post you will learn some useful tips and ideas on how to improve the SEO structure of your YouTube videos.

YouTube is an indispensable marketing tool; it’s not just for uploading useless videos of your dog dressed up in your grandma’s underpants… Whether you’re a musician or whether you run a small eCommerce website, YouTube is a powerful and essential tool for marketing and promoting anything you want in your line of business.

For me, YouTube has become one of the most resourceful tools for generating traffic to my art website, and more recently for increasing traffic to my blog and helping me achieve some affiliate marketing success.

Whilst YouTube is a powerful marketing platform, it has also become a saturated one too. More and more videos being uploaded means tough competition and getting your videos noticed can prove a real challenge at times, so it’s best that you understand the importance of promoting your YouTube Videos.

Optimizing your YouTube Videos

So how do you effectively optimize your YouTube videos to ensure that it receives the most amounts of views possible? In this short post we’re going to look at some all-essential SEO tips for improving the visibility of your videos on YouTube.

1. Optimizing your Video Title

Let’s start with the title, and this is essentially important if you want people to find your videos using specific keywords, so ensuring your keyword or key phrase appears at the beginning of your video title is important.

For example if I was going to create a video on painting tips using acrylics, my target keywords might be ‘Acrylic painting tips,’ so I’ll ensure this is present at the start of my SEO title for my video. Here is an example:

‘Best Acrylic Painting Tips – Landscapes Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners.’ As you can see my focus keywords are at the beginning and are also mentioned again in the title, this is effective however remember not to over stuff your SEO title with too many keywords.

2. Add Texts and Captions in your Video Content

Don’t forget when you’re adding texts and captions in your videos to also add your keywords in them. This will greatly help to improve the search rank of your videos.

3. Video Description

Again when you’re writing your unique video description, start with your keyword or your key phrase… So the keywords for my example video I used earlier being ‘Acrylic Painting Tips’ is used followed by my video description. You might also want to add your keyword or key phrase again in the body of your description.

4. Add a Link to your Video in your Description

Another useful little YouTube SEO tip I want to share with you is, to copy and paste the link (URL) to your video into the description itself. What this will do is create a backlink to your video each time your video is book marked on a social socially, or embedded on another site or blog.

5. Promote more Likes on your Videos

Get your social connections including your family members, college friends, your landlord or anyone else you can get hold of to like your videos on YouTube. Get as many thumbs up as possible. If you run a blog, write a short post kindly asking for readers to give you the thumbs up on your latest video, you can also embed the video in the post itself.

6. Promote sharing of your Videos across Social Networking Sites

Don’t forget that social media now has an immense roll to play in how we perform SEO. Share your videos using social bookmarking tools like Digg, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and social networking sites like Facebook and Google+. Also since YouTube is owned by Google, you can also encourage viewers to give your video a plus one rating.

7. Choose the Correct Category

It’s important to choose the right category for your video. Avoid choosing non related categories just because you think you’re going to get more popularity from it. Besides choosing unrelated categories will only confuse potential viewers and you may also run the risk of having your video removed by YouTube.

8. Use Multiple Tags

Use as many post tags as possible that best describes your video but by all means don’t go overboard… I’d say around 10 tags should be plenty.

9. Get your friends commenting on your Video

Finally, get as many of your social connections, families and friends leaving you nice comments on your videos.

Well those are my top SEO tips for optimizing your YouTube videos, but I’m sure you’d like to add a few more of your own. Please let me know your thoughts on the tips above and whether you are involved in YouTube in anyway, it would be great to hear from you, comments below as always.

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